Women in Pakistan have least recognition, facing gender discrimination, lack of education suffering from domestic violence to extreme form of ill treatment in the male dominating society with feudal lords’ hegemony as principle driving outlook for their fate. Access to the opportunities and resources is often denied to the women and children because of neglect, being illiterate and marginalized, resulting chronic poverty exploitation and human right abuses that further deprived them of access to services hence they become prey to vicious circle of social abuses and exclusion.

WEP therefore follows rights based approach to build on the knowledge and the technical foundations of existing development practice. By merging development with the human rights framework focusing on economic, social and political uplift, WEP, however, becomes much more sensitive to issues of power balances, discrimination, insecurity, and vulnerability.

WEP firmly believes and is actively involved in promoting human rights, dignity and gender equity through women led intervention for their social, economic, political empowerment with the capacity building and human resource development as an integral part of all its actions.